Discussion for lecturers IPMAFA Pati (Saturday, 9/3) 
Nowadays, the politic is deal by Pesantren. Role of santri in the discurse and definition are largest an undergo of fastest mobility. Term of santri was take away by force. (Prof. Dr. Leonard C. Sebastian)
There is an approve or not about claim of santri. Which is can not controled from itself of santri who is people get knowladge of religion from social media. Our genuine as santri, is it undergo? Santri become the class one and special in our heart at one side. (Prof. Dr. Andar Nubuwo, DEA)

The terminology of santri was allowed to three.
1. Contents of layer are ideology core, islamic moderate, long suffering such as politic, social, institution, tradition for genealogy of knowladge that articulate from ulama salaf and oriented of moderate.
2. Second layer, that pesantren become of reciden for santri, that kind who is kiai as central vigure in the life spiritual of santri, kitab kuning is characteristic and assets from pesantren.
3. Outside layer, the instrument of symbol such as sarung, peci, liwetan tradition, jarit that is tradition only was gotten from pesantren. Santri as vigure a has intelectual and different view toward knowladge for humanity, society, has action actualisation. That is different with many university which is transforming knowladge to knowladge. (Dr. A. Dimyati)
Santri is people who an accupy religion knowlage in a structure manner and has institution along with experience extention of sense. The trend of santri to day is one day wear an atribute of santri. There is named santri-pesantren and santri-madrasah. (Mr. Umar Farouk)
The progession, Dr. Agus Purwoti build up a sains pesantren. There is process of transforming about islamisasi pass through that sains. Also build up a boarding. (Dr. Syafiq Hasyim)
In the traditional of santri there is his named of ideology connection as sanad, kinship league, santri visited to kiai and was touched of spiritual emotional. Dr. A. Zaenurrosyid augment, if some pesantren have standard of graduation an incure ulama have highest sanad from east orient state. That program there are in Tangerang, Bogor.
The santri community is experience of meaning a superficial. At the period 'orde baru' there is islamisasi from Kejawen/Abangan society. This a distance is successfull from islamisasi or precisely an object of the struggle sense? The people is most to search about islamic literature from social media content. Until become new strategy from people others to commudity sale. Faster netizen, short duration, most people to search be honesty in the social media and others have been to reading about netizen want. This is a mechanism afterward has profit. This is become something in the control outside our reach. The first is an ensue of defensive in our body but ofensive at them. (Prof. Dr. Leonard C. Sebastian)

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